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Below are some examples of Beverage Experiences that are available to you.  Each one is customized for your property needs, and the details provided are a spring board for creativity and Kimptonization. 

(links coming soon)

  • Peroni Cinema

  • The Macallan Experience i.e. Mac and Cheese

  • Lillet Your Way

  • Whiskey Tasting

  • Vodka Tasting

  • Chandonuts

  • Zero Proof Bar

  • Get Personal with Coca-Cola

  • Cuban Speakeasy

  • Whiskey Pop-Up


Should you need assistance with creating a one-of-a-kind event or beverage activation, we're here to help!  You will complete two forms to get started:

1. An online form with brief event overview.

2. A detailed form containing a narrative of the event, to attach. 


We review all requests upon submission, Monday - Friday.  

For event support requests, please complete the following steps and forms:


  • First, complete this quick Event Request and Overview form, containing budget and details.  Provide as much information as possible.  If all you know is “I want to have a party for XX holiday and I need $1000 for a DJ”, then that’s fine.  If you know a ton more, then that is awesome!

  • Visit our Client Request Page to start your request.

  • Fill in the requested information.

  • You MUST enter your Director of Operations' email address in the space provided.

  • Select Cassie Sturdivant as the Back Bar USA Project Manager.

  • You will receive notification within 1 week of submitting the request.  For best event  results, we suggest completing this form 90 days in advance of the event date for proper promotion.

  • Upload your file.  Click on the link (don’t drag, because they don’t upload) and then upload the file.



For special events (one-off, larger scale activations), an Excel Workbook is a recommended tool, to proactively build out your event with each of your teams.  This is called a Pro Forma, and includes financial details as well as checklists.     View the Pro Forma


The following tabs are included to walk you through the process:

  • 1st tab

    • Event checklist

      • This allows us to write everything down on paper and talk through each of the particulars

        • While it may seem redundant, it gets everyone on the same page, as well as provides one central place for the group to reference moving forward

  • 2nd tab

    • pro forma – financial snapshot

      • A quick snapshot as to what to expect for the event, based on the outlined assumptions

  • 3rd tab

    • Timeline

      • A visual snapshot of the key dates with action items listed

  • 4th tab

    • Marketing outline

      • A comprehensive list to go through and select the channels that make sense

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