PRIDE 2021

Celebrate Pride in your restaurant, during Social Hour, at check-in, or by hosting a special event! This year, we’re partnering with Grey Goose Essences, Intrinsic Wines, and House Wine. Flexible programming allows you to choose how you celebrate and support! Suggested options include:

a. Offer cans of House Wine Rose Bubbles at check-in, during Social Hour, or on parade/festival days. You can also offer these for sale on your Bodega!

b. Sell Intrinsic Wines by-the-glass as a feature in the restaurant during your Pride month, or all summer starting in June.

c. Offer a Pride-inspired cocktail at Social Hour featuring Grey Goose Essences as a Vodka Spritz or switch it up for a colorful Bacardi Rum Punch.

d. Host an event featuring the products and partners listed here, and add other elements to enhance your event.


If you have questions, need assistance creating an offering, or are hosting a Pride event, please contact Kat Wojcik to take
advantage of additional offers and materials!

Grey Goose Essences:  National Average Price is $30.00 per Liter.  Available from Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits (where represented) and other distributors in all states.  

Consider serving a Vodka Spritz, with 1oz. vodka, and 3 oz. Fever Tree Soda, or any flavor!  

Intrinsic Wine:  Available from Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits (where represented) and other distributors in all states.  The Sauvignon Blanc is available in select markets. 

Consider serving this in your restaurant and at special events. 

House Wine: National Average Price is $2.00 per can.  

Consider placing this on your Bodega, giving at check-in, handing out on festivals, or giving at Social Hour.